Are you on the map?

One of commonest emails I get is this: I live in ____, and I’m looking for a more organic expression of church. Can you help me?


If I’m aware of simple/organic/house churches in their area, it’s a pleasure to refer them, but often I don’t know anyone. (It’s not that house churches aren’t there–they just tend to fly under the radar. If only there were a map…)


I’ve recently been sent information on a new simple/organic/house church tool. Put out by the Adventists, here’s what they say:


The Simple Church Global Network has recently launched a free house church registry to help, connect and serve house churches around the world.  Once registered, your location will show up on the global map  and you will receive practical and proven resources to help you and your house church.


Features include practical resources, training, and coaching.


All of this is free. Serving and strengthening house churches is the goal.


Here’s the link: They are obviously in the early stages of populating the map. Check it out.


Are you on the map?