A response to the refugee crisis

Jesus and his family were refugees. When Jesus was still a baby, his parents fled with him to Egypt to escape the irrational rage of Herod. Thankfully, Egypt did not turn them away.

The news about the Syrian refugee crisis can be overwhelming. Sometimes I weep as I watch families who have lost the dignity of jobs, housing, community, now lining up for handouts, hoping that some nation will offer them refuge.

I know that the responsibility of government is to protect its people, but fear dominates the reaction of many in this crisis. With Jesus, perfect love casts out fear.

My highly talented, musician brother-in-law, Robin Dale, has expressed it far more eloquently than I do. He wrote a song (Daniel’s song) and put together this video about the refugee crisis. (Daniel was his oldest son, who, before his untimely death earlier this year, invariably showed a heart and compassion for the outcast, the homeless, the marginalized.)