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Who leads your church?

The key skill to making disciples and planting churches is an ability to recognize God’s voice. Do we know when he is speaking to us? Can we distinguish his voice from our own thoughts? Many of us have learnt how to do this on an individual basis, but how many churches put into practice the… Read More

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How to set yourself free from guilt-based religion

In my last post on this subject, I looked at my personal journey  and how God set me free from guilt-based religion. For me, that liberty came many years ago during my medical school days. I've not always lived in that freedom, but it has formed a basic backdrop for my life. My advice to… Read More

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Gathering to Listen #5

Let me go back and tell you a little more of our first time together: How does a group go about waiting on God for three days?  What do you do?  For a while, we all waited in silence.  Then W.S. suggested that we let the Lord give each person an identity by allowing the… Read More