On a journey with Jesus 1: We can talk with God

Congratulations! You have begun a new life in Christ. When Jesus died on the cross, he took the punishment for everything you have ever done wrong (what the Bible calls “sin”) .  God has forgiven you  and Jesus is now dwelling within you. (This is not to say we will never do bad things again, but if we do, we can come to the Father and ask him to forgive us.)

Jesus wants to be the boss, the one in control (or Lord) of your life from now on.  This means that your whole life is to be given to him.

There are some important skills for you to learn as you advance along this path:

Prayer, or talking with God, is a key skill for anyone on a journey with Jesus. It’s as simple as holding a conversation with him. Try it out: think of a situation where you’d like God to intervene and ask him to do something only he could do. (This is not an opportunity to ask for a new Mercedes!!). For this experiment, pick something that’s simple and could have a quick answer that you will recognize immediately.

When you’ve seen an answer to your prayer, leave a comment below to let us know how God answered. (If it is something you would rather not comment on publicly, just let us know that God answered a personal prayer.)

It’s good to get into a habit of praying daily. God is interested in everything going on in your life, and it’s good to involve him in prayer.

I want to continue on my journey with God