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Are you on the map?

One of commonest emails I get is this: I live in ____, and I’m looking for a more organic expression of church. Can you help me?


If I’m aware of simple/organic/house churches in their area, it’s a pleasure to refer them, but often I don’t know anyone. (It’s not that house churches aren’t there–they just tend to fly under the radar. If only there were a map…)


I’ve recently been sent information on a new simple/organic/house church tool. Put out by the Adventists, here’s what they say:


The Simple Church Global Network has recently launched a free house church registry to help, connect and serve house churches around the world.  Once registered, your location will show up on the global map  and you will receive practical and proven resources to help you and your house church.


Features include practical resources, training, and coaching.


All of this is free. Serving and strengthening house churches is the goal.


Here’s the link: They are obviously in the early stages of populating the map. Check it out.


Are you on the map?

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I hope you will look into registering your name -simply church – as a trademark! This would protect you from any lawsuits from them.

I have looked into this further, and found out some alarming things. First, the SDA used to proselytize heavily among other churches about 40 years ago. The main difference they have with regular protestant churches is that many believe that the only day you can worship is on Saturday. If anyone worships on a different day, they have taken the mark of the beast. They have a rigid hierarchy within the church, and are not big fans of equality. Also, they will not accept any baptism except those done in their own church. There are boards on the internet dedicated to wounded former SDA members. There is a growing movement within the SDA to do away with the hierarchy, tone down Ellen G White’s teaching and return to the Bible. Within this movement is an organization that promotes small groups, equality, and acceptance of all. It is grass roots and is headed by Renewed Heart Ministries ( It does not promote SDA doctrine, but does promote Jesus and his ethical teachings. The organized home church movement to which you are speaking is a response to the already existing grass roots movement. Pastors are assigned to a ‘home church’, and it is pretty much run like a regular modern-day church.

I am a member of the Simple Church network, and I am an an SDA. Let me point out some things: first we do accept other congregation’s baptisms, as long as it was by immersion. I have been an SDA since age 14-and I am a grandma now. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, (we, like many other protestant churches, did indeed convert anyone who was interested. In that time period, if you study religious sociology, many denominations held tent meetings, revivals, and what have you and generally at least 80% of those who attended were Christians already-so it’s possibly unfair to make that accusation. The SC network is not a response to the “Renewed heart ministries”which frankly, I’ve never heard of until now, but will go look up. There are always people who for one reason or other, decide to leave a church-and nowadays with social media, can gripe about their perceived hurts. You can find them for just about any denomination, not just ours. Milton Adam’s began our network originally 10+ years ago as I believe a Ph.d experiment in lay led ministry-and it grew. If you wish, you can go to the webpage and read his actual doctrinal dissertation about home churches. There are no pastors assigned to our home churches. We do not run our home churches like a regular modern day church. I guess I would be curious as to where you got all this mis information about us?

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