The Black Swan Effect: prayer needed

The Black Swan Effect: A response to gender hierarchy in the church is due out at the beginning of April.

Unless the Holy Spirit takes and uses this book, it will not accomplish anything of significance.  We can do all the marketing and promoting we want, but if God doesn’t take a hand in things, it will, at best, be an interesting read for some people. But it will not have the impact we long for.

Tackling the topic of women in the church also potentially paints a target on our backs.

Prayer is the answer.

Would some of you be willing to pray with us for this book? I’m going to send out weekly (or so) updates until after the launch so you’ll be aware of how things are going.

You can sign up for prayer updates here.


7 thoughts on “The Black Swan Effect: prayer needed”

  1. I will pray that God blesses this work and utilizes it as an instrument for His purposes and Kingdom. May He bless you and your humble request. —


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