Free chapter from the book I’m co-writing on women

I’ve been fascinated by the dramatic increase in the number of subscriptions I have to my blog since I started posting about women. I believe this topic is one that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the forefront of people’s attention in many different ways.

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My longing is that this would be a powerful move of the Holy Spirit–not a feminist movement where a group of women promotes their own agendas, but something that God is doing right across the denominations as well as within the simple/organic/house church movement.

As a teaser to the book, I’m offering a free chapter to anyone who signs up for my blog. Those of you who already subscribe will receive an email giving you the option of downloading it. The chapter is one that I’ve written myself and looks at the topic of why many women, even though they have freedom to do and be everything God is calling them to, fail to exercise that privilege.

Enjoy it!

17 thoughts on “Free chapter from the book I’m co-writing on women”

  1. This is perfect timing. The church I attend has never had women elders (though the denomination is fine with women in any position). It isn’t because nobody has wanted them; they have been nominated but none of them have accepted the nominations because nobody has wanted to be the first one! Also, in mid-March, we’re going to be doing a Sunday school class on the topic of women in leadership (I’m in the process of writing the study guide for it).


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Kelly. I’m hoping to have the manuscript complete by the beginning of May. Then it depends on the publishing process. We’re hoping to find a traditional publisher (adds credibility to the message) but if not, we’ll self publish.


  2. Thanks, Felicity. Great chapter! I particularly liked the part about the meaning of “ezer.” I’ve heard it before (probably here on your blog) but I always need reminding. 😀 Looking forward to the complete work.


  3. I loved the temporary “loss of sanctification”! 😀 I’ve been there! Spell check stole
    Three letters- “st” in the foot binding sentence and an “r” in the Harriot T. quote- or did I misunderstand- did she feed or freed?
    I love the British “lie in”- it sounds so much better than American ” slept in”. Thank you, Felicity! A very interesting read!


  4. Hi Felicity, this is my first visit to your blog. I found your blog link at Frank Viola’s blog. I will sign up for your updates, and thank you for the free book chapter. I’m looking forward to reading it, as well as more of your blog. Have a super weekend!


  5. Was just meditating on the issue of women leading and the spread of Gospel movements. Your article will help us advance beyond the same old misunderstandings that keep our sisters hindered from operating in their God given callings. Looking forward to seeing it published!


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