Why I’m taking a break from blogging

For the past few years I’ve blogged three times per week. But I’m about to take a break. The reason? I’m currently in the UK where my mom has had a serious stroke and isn’t expected to recover. Much of my time is spent in the hospital.

In answer to prayer, my mom had about half an hour of lucidity this afternoon while I was alone with her. I was able to share many things with her.

Please pray for my mom, Maureen.

In the meantime, I’ll link to some older posts.

11 thoughts on “Why I’m taking a break from blogging”

  1. Praying that your mother will receive an unusually rich ministry blend of God’s soverignty, grace and mercy as she faces this severe life-challenge.
    Blessings Felicity


  2. Felicity, Thank you so much for all of the prayer, time and effort that has gone into this blog. You have served God’s people faithfully, and your rest is well deserved. Be blessed and encouraged while you tend to your mom.


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