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Free e-book on hearing God

A year or so ago I wrote an e-book entitled A Simple Guide to Hearing God. It’s designed to be a very practical look at how to hear God’s voice. However, I decided to take a different approach.

I have many friends who know how to hear God clearly–some of the stories they tell are remarkable. Armed with my iphone, I interviewed these people asking them how God speaks to them. (The videos I produced are amateur, but what the people I interviewed say is not!) How to hear God is also a subject I have studied and practiced for many years, and the text comes out of what I have learned.

The result is an enhanced e-book–a combination of video and writing. (It therefore has to be viewed on a computer rather than a kindle).

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Looking forward to hearing how you and others have been hearing God’s voice. 🙂 This seems to be a theme God is working on me lately. This topic keeps coming up. I think God may be trying to tell me something… maybe He is trying to tell me that He has lots more to tell me, and he wants me to learn to listen to His voice. 🙂 Thanks!

What you say is so true. The Christian life was never meant to be boring but an adventure of walking with the Lord

i dont know who you are but i think i love you, … what you have done with this book is a BLESSING … pls dont be discouraged in any way because you are touching lives albeit silently – ALEX from Nigeria

[…] A Simple Guide To Hearing God by Felicity Dale.  “There is only one skill that is essential in simple church and that is the ability to hear God speak.”  Felicity has said something like this on many occasions and I’m finding each day that she is right!  This short interactive ebook has been valuable to many of us in learning to hear His voice!  Download for FREE here […]

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