A weekend of conversation

What is usually the greatest long-term benefit of going to a conference?

Often the thing you will remember best and that will have the most impact on your life is the conversations in the hallways.


Photo Credit: photo.maru (Creative Commons)

This year, because of the emphasis on the regional Momentum conferences, rather than our usual Labor Day conference, House2House is having a weekend, primarily of conversation. It will take place in our home in Austin, Texas–very relaxed and informal. There will be good food and good fellowship, iron-sharpening-iron discussions all centered around what God is doing today, evenings in the hot-tub…

Those involved with us in the weekend are primarily involved in the marketplace rather than full-time ministry, although all of them have a network of house/simple/organic churches.

Jim and Cathy Mellon are well known for the financial model they use–their network of simple churches has given away more than $1.5 million since their inception. Jim’s company runs optical services.

Mike and Carol Watson support themselves as business chaplains. They help to create teamwork in secular companies. Their Episcopal church transitioned successfully into a network of organic churches some years ago.

Aaron Snow works for a high-tech company and has helped pioneer International Gatherings and StudentCPX which is having a significant impact in colleges around the country.

We’d love you to come and take part.

2 thoughts on “A weekend of conversation”

  1. Greetings!
    I’m not attending any conferences this year, but am planning to next year. Do you know yet if you’re planning a national or regional conference in 2013? Thanks!


    1. Rick, not sure yet. Every January, the board gets together to ask the Lord what he wants us to do. Are we to have another national conference? Regional conferences? Should House2House even continue? We try to only respond to what the Holy Spirit tells us.


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