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Can you give feedback on a multimedia ebook?

I've just completed a 40+ page multimedia ebook on the subject of listening to God. (By multimedia, I mean it has videos and other links that are part of the book.)  I'd love to have feedback from a few people so that I can make any relevant changes before I "go live" with this.

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My hope is that a few people will go through it over the next week. If they then answer eight brief questions, that will help me decide if there are changes to be made. It's a fairly short read, but if you view all the videos too (which I would prefer), it will take about an hour longer. It has to be viewed on a computer (rather than a Kindle) because of the video content.

If you'd like to be one of those who review this ebook, please respond by adding a comment to this post or tweet me (@felicitydale). 

Many thanks.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has responded to this. Between those who have left comments here on the blog and those who have responded via Twitter, I now have more than enough people who are willing to give me feedback.  The revised book will be available soon via House2House. I'll keep you updated.

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I’d be happy to Felicity.. we are planting organic/simple churches in Leeds UK and have some of your books…

I’m happy to help with this. And I’m working from an iPad, so I’ll be able to share from that perspective as well.

Please include me. My brother, ten years my senior, has cancer and has asked that rather than my getting him a book on Seal Team Six, that I “work on” a prayer book for him. I wrote him some of my own comments from Romans 8 on the Holy Spirit’s intercession. I have wanted for some time for this brother, my only sibling, to show interest in developing his relationship with God. Hearing God may be very timely for him right now. Thanks.

Would love to participate in this. The title grabbed me immediately. Just last night my husband and I were talking about just that – hearing God (and distinguishing His “promptings” from the effects of bad Sushi).

Thanks to so many people for agreeing to go through the book for me. (Jackie, I couldn’t get it to you because you didn’t leave your email address when you commented). I look forward to going through your responses.

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