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The Over Ready Harvest

Luke 10 is a passage God is using all over the world to bring in a massive harvest.  Here are the principles again, as taught by an Indian church planter who is living the reality of this.  (Teachings from India 4)

Jesus sent the disciples out in teams.  The team consists of three people, because Jesus must go with us.

In Luke 10:2, Jesus says the harvest is plentiful.

Following the testimony of the woman at the well in John 4, the people of the town come out to see Jesus.  He tells his disciples, "You say that there are still four months until the harvest is ready.  Look and see, the fields are already white."  Ripe grain is yellow in color.  If you leave ripe grain in the sun, as it dries out it becomes white, so Jesus is saying that the harvest is over-ready.  The disciples thought the village was not ready, but Jesus response was that it was past ready.  Jesus is Lord of the harvest.  He sends us to where the fields are ready.

Jesus found the most worthless person of her village.  She was alone, unable to face the other women in the village who would not have been collecting water in the middle of the day.  After her encounter with Jesus, she became bold, letting everyone know what had happened to her.  She brought her whole village to the feet of Jesus.

Millions of laborers for the harvest are sitting in church.  A farmer wants his laborers to be out in the fields.  The harvest is ready.  Are we willing to leave the comfort of the pew (or sofa) to become a laborer?

The Difference Between a Believer and a Disciple

Teachings from India (3):

According to Matthew 16:17, certain signs will follow a believer–they will cast out demons and speak in new tongues etc.  But a believer who casts out a demon may not be a disciple.  He may believe in all the promises of God, but still not be a disciple.  Matthew 7:21-23 describes a group of people who prophesied, cast out demons and performed miracles, but because they hadn't done the will of the Father, they would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

A disciple is a person who makes disciples that make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20).  The eleven disciples were commanded to make disciples who obeyed what Jesus taught.  That teaching includes the instruction to make disciples.  Many of us may sit in church or read the Bible or pray but that doesn't make us a disciple.  A disciple will bring forth an abundant harvest, a vine loaded with fruit (John 15:1-8).

If everyone in our churches is equipped to make disciples, and instead of listening to long sermons listens instead to testimony of what God is doing, and if we are willing to hold people accountable by asking them what they are doing to make disciples, then the church will grow rapidly.  If a church has short sermons and long testimonies, it will grow!

[This sort of teaching goes against our Christian culture here in the West.  But remember, this teaching comes from a group who saw more than 250,000 baptisms on the Day of Pentecost last year.]

The Great Commission

Teachings from India (2): 

Matthew 28:18-20:  Jesus is the sender in the Great Commission–not the church, and not a mission agency.  God may use these things, but Jesus Himself is the one who sends you, and he's sending you with all power.

Matthew 16:19 states:  "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  I'm giving you the keys of the Kingdom and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

The tense of the binding and loosing implies this has already been done.  Jesus is sending you with all the power and authority in heaven and on earth to bind and to loose. 

Jesus is the center of the Great Commission.

The first command is that to go.  The second is to make disciples of all nations.  According to John 15:8, a disciple is one who bears fruit. John 15:16 says that Jesus has chosen and ordained all of us to bear fruit–fruit that remains.  Every Christian is a royal priest who is to bring forth fruit that remains.  The fruit of new believers will not remain unless they are baptized.

Teachings from India (part 1)

Prior to the World House Church Summit in India, a much smaller group came together to go through the training that the Indian church planters use.  It is interesting that similar training, from many different sources, is being used all over the world.  The Holy Spirit is giving the same principles to those who are seeking him about reaching out to transform society with the Good News.

I took extensive notes during that time, and hope that what was covered will prove useful to others.

Victor:  Making Disciples

It is the business of a bride to produce babies.  If she is not able to have babies, then she is investigated by a doctor.  Similarly, a church has to multiply to show she is alive!

John 1:35-40

Two disciples of John spent time with Jesus.  From that time on they made disciples–for example, Andrew brought Peter to Jesus.  The very first house church was planted in Jesus' house.  It lasted one day.  There was no singing, no pulpit, no pastor.  The message was about making disciples which is the primary function of the church.

John 15:8

God is glorified when we bring much fruit, and that fruit is disciples. To be a discipler, you have to make disciples.  If you want to glorify God, make disciples!

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