Contagious Disciple Making (Thomas Nelson, 2014)

It’s (relatively) easy to write a book. But to find a book backed by the hands-on experience of  David and Paul Watson is rare–rare in that it is unusual to have authors so incredibly qualified to write such a work. David has seen church planting movements numbering in the tens of thousands in India, thousands in Africa and now he and Paul are seeing multiplication here in the West too. By reading Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery, we can all learn from their experience. Seeing multiple generations of multiplying disciples is what many of us in the simple/organic/house church movement long for. For some time, I, personally, have believed that this is going to be the next move of the Holy Spirit in this country.  In Contagious Disciple Making, David and Paul enumerate the principles involved in a clear and concise way. They don’t minimize the cost–they have paid a high price at times. And they give us proven tools that any of us can use. Let’s read and learn… Contagious Disciple Making

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  • Walt Pelot

    Great book indeed. I heard them both share at the IDisciple conference in KC last year and was so impressed with the fruit of their ministry. I love their emphasis on obedience-based discipleship and winning whole families to Christ instead of extracting individuals from their families when they get saved. There is much we can learn from this father and son who are making disciples who reproduce.

    • Felicity Dale

      Agreed, Walt. And there are others who are teaching similar things around the nation and also having a big impact.

  • Terry Neu

    Having read three versions of this book prior to publication – as well as the final cut, I would say this is the best book on this important subject. David is seen as a father of the whole movement and to be able to see what is in his heart is amazing. I have know David for 17 years and can say that he walks the walk. He has an uncanny ability to visit struggling movements and figure out the problem in less than an hour and prescribe changes that work! I saw this in the African movement City Team is championing and in Honduras in a movement championed by World Mission and Evangelism. If you have not read this book, please do so immediately. It will change your life!

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